White Glam

“Perfume” The essence of the style

It 's a moment! The stopper is unscrewed and a captivating fragrance abducts the senses and attention. Each one its own perfume, to every character its distinctive note, the new Acquachiara Collection has a perfume of unique charm. Fabrics are the soul of the essence, wefts and warps are intertwined and mixed in an unexpected way. Spicy notes of gauzed tulle and triple damask are combined with sweet notes of transparent chiffon and organza encrusted with silky threads that design flowers, leaves, branches of a single-coloured meadow . Choice notes of rich satin and comfortable duchesse, meet the poetry of veiling plumetis embroidered with evanescent curls or small flowered poufs and enlightened with fireflies of strass. Fresh notes of fluid silk play with the nimbleness of seductive laces. Yes, because the shapes are of lace!​

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