Pop Couture


The Art of beauty is the story of a creative idea which weaves materials for clothes full of originality and poetry. We have returned to the Classical Style to think about the future. We wanted to exalt the essentiality of forms, to exploit the precious style. The line of the cut clarifies the elegant silouettes of triple organza, taffetas and mikado. The concept of minimalism combines well with the Haute Couture. The candid whites and ivories create a sense of light and dark in the full, pleated skirts which give way to skilful drapes. It is romantic Avantgarde in the lightness of the chiffon, in the over-lapping of transparent fabrics, in the interpretations of the lace. It is Naturalism, perfect in the quality of pure mixtures of materials where the weft and the web construct refined fabrics in gazon and faille. Lines, pois,geometric pleats alternate in a dynamic Pop. Elegant geometric trains, bows, buttonholes, underline the attractive contours. The surfaces are tactile, ruffled and, at times, unexpectedly Fauves in the linens and raw silks. The details are Futuristic, new and original. The flowers are paintings of harmonic equilibrium, some flat and schematic, others three-dimensional and Realistic.

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