Haute Bon Ton

We went to the roots of the style to the find the right harmony between forms with perfect dressing  and innovative details, to bring to the classic style a contemporary touch, to dress up feelings with  beauty. Where the shapes are simple, they really surprise.  Rigorous in front, they bloom at the back, full of fantasy; trains  completely new are fields of flowers, waves of a stream, gathers like degrading rays, floating scarves, sophisticated squares. Decorative nervures scan the spaces, drapes emphasize the necklines, the volumes are also calibrated by the edges and ribbons. Refined  rouches, jabot, it is a botanic architecture stolen from  the forms of nature. The fabrics enclosing the structure of the dresses in a romantic poem. The embroideries are pistils of crystal, glass dew that settles in transparent drops on Canete’,  flowery  belts. Acquachiara is born in a luxuriant garden of innovation.

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